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My standard strength was the following (used last workout reps/weights):

175 lb Male (I found it curious they don't ask height??)

Bench: 190 1RM, 6 lbs shy of intermediate level.
Squat: 262 1RM, right at beginning of intermediate
Deadlift: 345 1RM, 25% of the way to advanced
Press: 136 1RM, Just into intermediate

I thought I had achieved "intermediate" status, looks like that was a decent assumption. Would be nice to be just before / at advanced level in a years time.

Edit: More realistic goals to get close to advanced status for each (I'll revisit this in a years time and see where im at)


5 reps of 160 lbs Bench
5 reps of 225 lbs Squat
5 reps of 280 lbs Deadlift
5 reps of 115 lbs Press


5 reps of 225 lbs Bench (+65 lbs)
5 reps of 305 lbs Squat (+80 lbs)
5 reps of 350 lbs Deadlift (+70 lbs)
5 reps of 135 lbs Press (+20 lbs)

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