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Originally Posted by RightCoastRipper View Post
This is my dilema! I have my 325 2004 sedan as a perfectly reliable/ cheap daily driver with 130k on the odometer. I have kept EVERYTHING up to date, the car looks flawless.

It recently had a new OEM color paint job about a year ago so thats a plus for the exterior. But I want a performance car. I keep debating whether to save the difference I would spend into modifying this car which is paid off and all, or just getting an e90 335i which already has a twin turbo and dumping some money into that which is already turbo'd and ready to respond well to mods and ect... Then use my e46 as a daily driver until the wheels decide to come off
The 325 is amazing as is. Just keep it. Buy a new car when you have more money. Get into mutual funds or investments rather than being a no name like the other 90% of the country always in debt.
The n54 motor is fantastic no denying it, literally just by getting the jb4 i have added absurd power to the car. but at the end of the day it just is asking for trouble ya it is cool knowing your car is fast but do i wake up considerably happier? eh i mean, whatever !. just pay off your current car and buy a new car when you can afford it. the turbo project would be a very VERY large mistake.
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