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Originally Posted by LeMansteve View Post
Guys, I'm not sure about that "repair shop" rear shock upper mount:

The design looks pretty far off from the original part. For about the same price you can get Sachs or Meyle HD strut mounts. For a little more you can get the Genuine BMW mounts.

As far as other hardware, like euG! mentioned you will need to replace all the following:
2 front strut pinch bolts
6 front strut self-locking tower mouting nuts
2 front strut self-locking shaft nuts (if not already included with the Konis)
2 rear shock self-locking shaft nuts (if not already included with the Konis)
2 rear shock lower mounting bolts
4 rear shock self-locking upper mount nuts
2 rear shock upper mount gaskets

May or may not need, depending on condition:
foam bump stops
rubber boots for front struts
rubber spring pads for front struts
plastic boots for rear shocks

I usually consider reinforcement plates optional for daily driving, but since you are installing a stiffer aftermarket suspension it might be a good idea. Get the rear reinforcement plates, too.
Hey guys. I am in the same process so I was wondering why you recommend getting new "front strut pinch bolts" and "rear shock lower mounting bolts". Just wondering what the reason is as its not the first time I have read this recommendation.

So far I have this :
Hope you don't mind me hopping on this thread also as I'm doing the same for my 2000 328Ci AT sport suspension. So far waiting for delivery I have:
Koni FSD's (Modbargains)
Eibach front and rear sway bars (Tire rack)
Front & rear sway end links (meyle hd)
Eibach pro-kit springs
Coil spring pads
Rear bump stops (sport)
Dust boots
Front & rear reinforcement plates (ECS Tuning)
Front and rear strut mounts (Sachs)

**** wasn't cheap smh... (wish I knew how to insert those smileys)

I also am wondering if I'm missing something.
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