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1. Anything passive aggressive, such as but not limited to:

"I thought I knew who my real friends are"
"I'm so mad right now, I don't want to talk about it"
"People are so two faced"

2. Anything that points to their kids being super smart or super talented for doing inane things. Yes, I know people are proud of their kids and I know FB is a method of keeping people you don't see often in the loop, but your 10 month old is not ahead of the curve because they can blow a snot bubble.

3. Political chain emails = automatic defriending. I understand FB is a social media site, but I can't take political rants seriously when the next post in my timeline is about someone getting black out drunk.

4. Online petitions. You know the type....."If this page gets 100,000 likes gay marriage will be made legal in all 58 states." Muppets!

5. Religious pages/pictures that go along the lines of "Hit like if you love jesus and ignore if you know you are going to hell"

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