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Originally Posted by RightCoastRipper View Post
Like I said the car has been paid off for years now... I have no idea what the rant is about with getting into mutual funds and ect and I guess you're implying that I cannot afford one and will contribute to the current debt of our nation because I am young and financially retarded.

Anyways, for your future posts; keep in mind that I am 22, and have invested in several mutual funds. I also already have a Roth IRA (retirement acct) which gets fed every year. My education is funded by my educational account which has enough to pay for my year left in school (and some left over which can be used for a new lab top or whatever is arguable for education purposes) so no expense there. I have a full time job and my car is paid for (once again no expense). I do not drink or do anything that "typical" 22 years old do. I feel that I am quite financially mature by today's standard. And frankly I am bored and want to enjoy life, so I am quite sure I can responsibly do so by purchasing within my means. And the hobby of owning a "fast car" is what I want, and yeah it's expensive; but better than the destructive behavior that most people my age participate in.

[End Rant]

And btw I came from a single parent so none of that bs "parents paid for it", along the way I learned to D.I.Y. all on my own with no pops there to help, and YouTube of course. Lol so I think I am ready to step it up.
Instead of earning my respect with that post, you lost it. Nobody said anything about your age or budget in this thread. Do you suffer from Napoleon Complex?

That said, you can piece together a turbo kit for around $3k, but tuning gets pricy.

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