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Originally Posted by Teddy7 View Post
I wouldn't buy a welded diff, I would just get my open one welded. I've been quoted $50 for welding it if I take it out and bring it to them. When you say "swap" I'm assuming you mean an LSD? The price for an LSD is just not worth it to me.
I was just saying when you sell welded diff its worth alot less. Or would you just grind off and sell car to some poor bastard. Ya lsd guts anyway. Im pretty sure you would be pissed off after not long with welded diff. Car would annoy the sh*t out of you on all types of curves and its nice to have inside tire on slide slip slightly b4 they lock so it can help kick you out better. Sounds like we both like driving the same, cloverleafs in the rain were good fun with 323ci. Wait for others to reply but i just think of welding diff in the same category as clamping brake lines to enter burnout comps

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