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Originally Posted by mxchris727 View Post
Did he wash the car before detailing it? *lol*

Originally Posted by e46ATX View Post
I just got an exterior detail yesterday from a mobile detailer. When I left, the guy was using a brand new microfiber cloth and only Meguiar's products (good enough for me, at least to my knowledge). When I picked up the car, it hadn't gotten dark, and all I noticed were how nice and shiny the black-wetted tires and chrome rims looked.

This morning, I went out to my car only to find an abundance of scratches on the hood and trunk lid (pics attached).

1. The main concern is whether these scratches are going to get worse or create other problems. Is there something I need to do know to protect the car?

2. Aesthetically, is there anything I can do?

Thanks for your help.
1) If it's deep enough, there's the chance that it can turn into rust.. It isn't really likely, but if you wanted to do something to ensure that it doesn't rust, a paint sealant should do the job.

2) Cosmetically, you could try wet-sanding it. Just make sure you read directions on how to do it or you could worsen the damage. I really can't tell how deep they are but they look too deep for a rubbing compound to be of any use, so I'd go with the sanding if you wanted to try and fix it yourself.

Best of luck!

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