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Definitely not good news there. Yeah, as Nick pointed out, there is only a single IAT sensor and for MS45 it's integrated in the stock MAF. I don't know about the AA kit but ESS retains the stock MAF (and thus stock IAT). For MS45 cars this necessarily places the IAT sensor upstream of the compressor. For MS43 cars, ESS places the stock IAT sensor in the intake elbow just upstream of the compressor. Properly tuned this shouldn't be a major issue as the intake runner air temps are more a function of the temperature rise across the compressor due to the air being compressed combined with the thermal capacity of the aftercooler (both easily determined values) than the effects of heat soak on the rapidly flowing intake charge. Low speed intake charge velocities such as sitting idle at a stop light in summer heat would have a bigger effect wrt heat soak and intake charge temps. That said, I believe a number of factory supercharged cars have a temp sensor after the compressor and aftercooler.

James, you ran your car for a long time without this kind of trouble. I hate to say it but this is more likely a problem associated with the rebuild after the blown motor. Perhaps it was a hardware issue leading to some sort of intake leak but I seem to recall you had to use a slightly different compressor than AA originally supplied. If the car wasn't re-tuned after the rebuild it probably needed to be. If it was re-tuned for the new compressor, then I would suspect the tune was overly aggressive.

Good luck with whatever direction you decide to take this car in the future! Next time you are up this way, you and Brady and myself should all try to get together again.
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