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Current progress

Finally had a little bit of time. My designs before didn't fit the sub. I had to extend the chamber where the subwoofer sits, a few more inches out. My pictures before had the MDF sitting on each other without wood glue. I have finally glued them together in these pictures. It's all coming together now. I just have to make the left and right chambers now.

This one below shows the cutout of my subwoofer. As you can see, it is very close to the box. I hope the subwoofer will not touch the MDF during excursion. We'll see. If it does, that would suck... really bad. I'd have to modify it again. It looks as if the subwoofer will hit the back wall of the enclosure according to the cutout, but if we look at 2 pictures above, the subwoofer will actually extend into the ski-pass, so it should be alright.

This picture below shows the clearance of the enclosure when the top is down. I left about an inch on top because when I install the sub, it's going to need that room.

This picture below shows the amount of trunk space I'd have with this enclosure. If people want more trunk space, they'll just have to go with an 8" subwoofer. My JL Audio 10W0v3-4 sub requires an air volume of 0.65" cu ft, so it takes a lot out of my trunk, but not to the point where it's useless. Plus, I have the van if I really need trunk space.

So there it is. I'll keep us updated. Again, I wanted an enclosure that saved room, fits a 10" sub (read somewhere that "the larger the sub, the easier for it to produce the low notes"), meets the sub's enclosed air requirements, easily removed, uses the ski pass, has an amp attached, and allows me to lift the trunk bottom cover all the way up. I still have a long way to go before finishing this.

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