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Originally Posted by Infinitysquared View Post
Speaking of the odyssey, I know it's supposed to be the best van on the market, but it's soooo ugly.

On topic, this enclosure looks super sweet. Any thoughts on how much you'd sell it for?
I'll have to look at the prices of other enclosures out there. I want to be fair when I sell it. I spend a lot of time with trial and error, trying to cut the angles as precise as I can with my table saw. But once I have the first enclosure done, all the angles should be easier. So I'll have to figure the price out later. Also, I was thinking that adding carpet would be a pain with all the angles. Maybe the fake carbon fiber sheets on ebay might be good. I might just sell it without any covering so that people can cover it with whatever they want. I could primer it and spray it with a coating of black textured paint, but I'm not sure if people like that. Creating an enclosure for a 10" sub would be so much easier on a coupe or a sedan. Also, if I were to use an 8" sub, it would be so much easier because it the enclosure would be much smaller, and I wouldn't have to figure out all these crazy angles. I really want to save as much space in the trunk as I can. I've rearranged my 10" sub in so many ways. This is the best angle I could get without it hitting or rubbing the MDF.

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