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update! sent a package with the shocks in it to st about 14 days ago, i call them and they said they just received it yesterday.... liers here too ore what? Also asked if they did anything to them for the 2 days they've had them there now, they said "no we haven't check them out yet" Like damn im doing damage to my tires because the alignment is off so bad right now because of a factory defect thats just some bs! hurry up and fix them! (PS im mad because the guy over the phone said because the factory and were i live aren't as far as others, such as across the country, that the hole process should be done in 5-7 days...)

EDIT, im looking at the my previous post and it was Oct, 17th so thats how many days? (shipped them out the 17th) so thats 15 days ago, thats half a month

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