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Add me to the list JFOJ.
2001 330CI just shy of 195k (born date 07/2000)
3 times I have gone down under 1/2 tank and she starts the bogs/clogs don't want to start. I just went out and read OBD hidden info--
6.0 reads 096217/ if I understand that correctly the left side is almost empty and the right side has 21.7 liters. I have my rear seat up so I could hear her hiss prior to starting up this morning but yesterday she "boggled" down which has been the case consistent with "soft" fail descriptions.

I recently replaced overdue-both camshaft sensors and I still need to do VCG, CCV, OHFG; basically give her an IV and lots of TLC. I don't know the car/engine well enough but would this also potentially trigger low compression as she acted dead(hard fail) but came back to life from previous thread of mine???? If it does/I will do another dry/wet test after installing pump/filter.


I purchased the fuel filter and was going to just replace it since it has not been replaced but I am going to order the pump today and do both together asap!!!
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