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Mostly size and weight. Any M5x/S5x swaps would require a lot more gutting of the structure, including the firewall, which would mean I couldn't retain the heater box. The only other option weight wise would have been a late model M52/M54 due to their aluminum blocks. But they are still a much larger engine. Plus I like the look of the single cam M20, with the aluminum valve cover in the classic '02 engine bay.

If anything I'd rather manufacture my own 24 valve head to go on the M20, using the S54 throttles with individual valve covers ala the M12 F1 engines.

Obviously in hind sight it would have been simpler and easier to just buy an M54 or S54 and swap it in. But where's the fun in that. I really like the challenges that go along with fabricating components, and the trickier they are the more enjoyment I get from completing them.
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