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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
I have a different expectation of taste when I'm buying frozen pizza. The purpose of me buying frozen vs. fresh is that I'm paying half as much (or less) so I'm not expecting the taste to be on par with fresh. Usually a decent frozen pizza is just a few dollars less than a reasonably good fresh pizza. My goal when buying frozen is $6 or less, otherwise I'm ordering it fresh.
My go-to spot around here is ~$14 for a whole pie, which will last me 2 meals. I will gladly pay the same, maybe even a dollar more, for a frozen pizza that tastes nearly as good for the convenience factor alone. I'm thinking I need to make my own brand that's worth a sh!t.

Originally Posted by evolved View Post
Next time you're at a Schnucks or Straubs pick up a Dogtown Frozen Pizza.....they are phenomenal
Damnit, not available here.
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