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Originally Posted by Whammy View Post
If you want a firearm for home defense, your most effective gun is a shotgun. The spread of the shotgun will have far more impact to your assailant then a handgun. However, if you are still interested in picking up a handgun, try a lot of different handguns and pick the most comfortable one you can find. My first purchase (M&P) was my first and shouldn't have been the one I purchased.

Good luck.
Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
^ incorrect
im going to agree with david.

Gun I keep next to my nightstand is my sig with a tlr-1s something goes bump in the middle of the night thats what i'm grabbing.

2nd gun I would probably grab is my 10.5" ar.

I keep a shotgun easily accessible but it's not my first choice. I am much more confident grabbing a pistol or sbr. SBR might make me deaf but that would be ok IMO as long as im not dead.

This is just based on how comfortable i am with each weapon system.
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