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Originally Posted by youngs View Post
is it possible to have any option no implied to VIN? they said they already check by the VIN and the bumper isn't included in any of the package I have.
Yeah, a few. Wheels come to mind. When you order specific factory wheels with a car, the VIN does not say anything about them.

The M-Tech II bumper and regular bumper are going to be a negligible cost difference to the insurance company, so just try for it. And if they won't do it, tell them you want aftermarket and show them the $120 one. I'm sure they'd be happy to make an exception.

Originally Posted by Herbalicious View Post
Whomever had the car before you added the side M3 mirrors as well as the trunk spoiler so I assume the bumper was an add on as well, also I don't believe the OEM bumper has side markers on it.
It does, and they are a fugly amber I can't wait to get white ones.

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