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Look, I replaced the fuel filter at 50k and haven't had any problems whatsoever with my '99. I'll replace it again at 110k and see how it goes. If I have a chance of making it to 200k with my fuel pump, I will take that chance. My friend had a 2003 325 and had the fuel pump cut out at 80k miles when he was in the middle of nowhere. Every car is different and preventative maintenance is opposite from using all the parts in your car. I have a thermostat, expansion tank, water pump, fuel pump, full canadian-spec CCV system, and a few other things, but none of them have made their way into my car because the original parts are still going strong. If it fails, then it fails and I'm ready and have the part in my trunk already. If not, I'll keep driving it and make sure to keep a AAA tow open for myself. If I see any issues or leaks, then I'll do it immediately. But there's just no reason to replace perfectly good working parts. I make about 500 per week and could never afford to do everything I want to do, maintenance-wise, to my cars. It's all about being smart and making good choices.

My car is harder to tow than normal too, but I'm ready to take my bumper off in order to do it. I don't understand how there can be such vehement disagreement in the name of saving money and using original parts.

I also have my car looked over at every oil change, and have taken care of every pertinent issue as they come along, which most people don't do. So far, my cooling system is still good to go with no parts replaced.

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