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$800 for rear brakes?
Rear brakes are < 2hr labour, rotors ~$200/pair and pads < $100/pair. Thus $500 max... yet I bet you don't need rear rotors as the rear rotors wear very slowly. I measured mine and after 70K miles my rear rotors were still good so I just changed pads.

$500 for RSMs?
RSMs are < 2 hrs labour, $30 each. Thus ~$250.

$300 for an alignment?
Mother****. Most alignment shops charge half that.

Replace all hoses, **** that, replace them as they leak. Its just coolant, a leak is not going to do any damage.

The rest seems more fair, still on the high side, yet not as ridiculous. Replacing belts is a good idea at your mileage and age.

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