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Late entry.. Finally copied the pictures off of my camera. The cases look much darker, less contrast, etc in day to day use. Bad lighting and point and shoot camera flash made them look weird.

Model of Case: Poetic Bumper
Price: $5 (Now it is $10 or so)
Lay on table design (raised screen lip): Yes
Shock protection: no idea
Fit: good, very secure
Problems: Lightning cutout is too narrow for the connector to go all the way in the phone, does not affect charging and has been fixed in newer models.
Texture/Grip: none??
Screen protector compatible: Yes
Pros: Simplistic, and shows front and back of phone
Cons: Sleep button is quite a bit harder to push than normal.
Shiny plastic gets scuffed.

Model of Case: ZooGue Social Case
Price: $4 (Free with $3.95 shipping)
Lay on table design (raised screen lip): Yes
Shock protection: no idea
Fit: Fits well, secure. Maybe a slight bit loose where a corner can pop part of the way out in your pocket.
Problems: It took 6 full weeks to arrive, because it was a pre-order
Texture/Grip: Textured edges, not rubbery, slightly flexible.
Screen protector compatible: Yes
Pros: It does the job and is cheap
Cons: Not worth the $15 normal price, not worth the long wait when "free"

Here are the screen protectors I ordered btw: (I think) They were "generiks" brand and $3 for a 3 pack.

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