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Your order of $870 included a $749 Dynavin D95 Android Unit + relocation kit.
We keep email logs for 3 years, looked through all of them and show only 3 emails from you on April 2012 telling us you had problems and your final comment:
Nope i have not tried resetting. i tried doing the firmware thing by USB..for the radio part and there is no response..
Subject: RE: Problem Regarding Order #42584
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 18:09:36 -0700
Since that date, we never heard from you again.

If you have the serial number and you are still having problems, send that to us and we'll see if it's possible to warranty your unit.

PS: in the future, you can contact us:
1877 4 Umnitza
925 521 0577
and via PM on this site.
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