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As others have said, the dealer number is extremely high. I would do the service inspection, including the valve adjustments and oil change. Skip on the other stuff and see if it needs to be replaced. I replaced my belt when I did my water pump, which you will most likely need to do by the time you get to 100,000. That will also count as the coolant flush. You can even replace the hoses if they need it. Mine at 110k are still nice and stiff, no leaks. So replacing all of them now may be premature. If your windshield washer works, then you probably don't need a new pump. If it doesn't I'd check the fuse for it before giving away money.

It really sounds like the dealer has a bunch of extra time on their hands and rather than let the mechanics stand around they want to make money off you and rotate thier stock at the same time. There was a thing on 60 Minutes a while back where dealers were investigated by having a hidden camera/mics in the car, all of them were guilty of being able to fix the problem with an inexpensive part quickly then charging a ton more to replace other parts for no reason at all.
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