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Originally Posted by roadtrip1098 View Post
It really sounds like the dealer has a bunch of extra time on their hands and rather than let the mechanics stand around they want to make money off you and rotate thier stock at the same time. There was a thing on 60 Minutes a while back where dealers were investigated by having a hidden camera/mics in the car, all of them were guilty of being able to fix the problem with an inexpensive part quickly then charging a ton more to replace other parts for no reason at all.
I don't think the dealer in this case is trying to rip him off, they are just following what the schedule and charging book times and typical inflated dealer parts prices.

The Volvo dealer quoted my GF ~$1000 for front/rear pads/rotors, then I showed her how much she'd save buying the parts online. The savings was ~$300 in parts alone as the dealer wanted > $500 for parts and we picked everything up for ~$250. Now multiple that by the "M3 markup" and you can see how dealers arrive at these silly quotes.

My old Mercedes dealer was really nice. The service manager would advise that certain jobs would be far cheaper to go to an independent after my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets a few times he gave me a quote for a repair. Thus I eventually stopped going to the dealer at all.
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