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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
Verge review for the Nexus 4 came out:

Kind of low. 8.3 even though the average comes out to 8.5. They docked it 4 points for the data/call quality category due to lack of LTE. If that's not important to you and you remove the subjective categories of "design" and "ecosystem" as well, the objective categories make this phone a much better choice than the iPhone 5:

*******> ********>*******>********>*******>********>
Display 8 9
Camera 8 8
Performance 10 9
Software 10 8
Battery Life 9 8
9 8.4
I don't think you can single some out as not being objective. If it's not a feature you need fine, but it does count. The iPhone did get a better score, although the top fleet of phones is so nice that the differences are pretty minute.

LTE is a big feature and it is disappointing that the Nexus 4 lacks it.

And speaking of fragile phones...

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