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Originally Posted by glenninflorida View Post
Hi all,

I can no longer tolerate the decreasing amount of light from my bi-xenon zkws and after hitting some road debris (18 wheeler tire tread - no damage thank goodness) on the interstate, I must get this fixed. After reading hours of informative threads about my "factory defect", and many people's solutions and DIYs, I do not see too many "ready to act" today options available.

My desired outcome of this effort is to have equivalent or better than "new" OEM bi-xenon lighting.

I thought I would tackle an E90 projector bowl retrofit but after googling and searching ebay, I see none available. I do see multiple used e46 AL lighting assemblies and projector assemblies from one vendor but I am concerned the amount of work I need to retrofit this will result in less than desired results.

That leaves me to doing a non-OEM retrofit to something like the FX-R projectors - which I would probably just send out for retrofitting. If my understanding is correct, some shops use the zkw lens and cutoff with the fx-r projector for a factory look - or am I confused?

Am I missing any options or am I incorrect in my thinking?

Thanks for your help.
Originally Posted by Scooby24 View Post
I just finished up the FX-R 3.0 into ZKW bowls and it was quite the hassle. I would definitely send it off to get completed if you aren't very confident in your abilities. The shrouds' chrome came off so I had to spray paint them, they don't clip into the retrofit so I had to epoxy them, the cutting was not easy with no cutting template and not only working within the housing, but making sure the projector was centered in the shroud.

It was one of the more frustrating DIY's I've done.

However the end result is spectacular. The cutoff is glorious, the light output coming from burnt bowls is stellar. The purple flicker is neat.

Let me know if you plan to go that route as a DIY if I can help.
You are right, it's not an easy install. we do however have a lot of them in the office that we do regularly.

We use the FXR-V3 unit or V2 or even the H1 bixenon unit.
You can order them here (if you want to DIY, the H1 bixenon is very easy to do), the V3 is not as you said:

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