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I like the way you think

Originally Posted by love2drive330CI View Post
Ok...going outside the box with me as my brain is always looking for a way...sometimes it goes astray.

If the fuel pump is a mechanical failure, inside of it somewhere is the fault for failure.
So has anyone opened up a failing/failed pump to identify the "root" problem?
Been thinking that way all my life and many times a fix can last for years. But there are impediments in the way of many fixes.
Could be the brushes, or bearings wear out and bind, or pump seals fail. In this instance considerations are that when the factory assembles things they use special machines to crimp, press or whatever that are not available to us. Or sometimes housings can be sealed only once, but would fatigue to the point of breaking if used twice.
My opinion is this is an ambitious research project which would probably result in finding that the fix is more trouble and less reliable than it is worth. And you already know that we'd only be saving $120 for a new pump. And most only have to buy one in the life of their car.

And let's never forget working on a device that gets immersed in gasoline and produces internal sparks!

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