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Originally Posted by love2drive330CI View Post
Ok...going outside the box here...work with me as my brain is always looking for a way...sometimes it goes astray.

If the fuel pump is a mechanical failure, inside of it somewhere is the fault for failure. Perhaps if there are brushes in it like the alternator has the voltage regulator; anyone ever look into that or consider the root cause of the pump failure by dissecting it? I am thinking something wore out/wire/brushes etc. but the casing is probably still sound.

I know we can say it is easier to replace it with a new one at a cost of approx $120.00 but if the part inside failing is replaceable and say $5.00 that would help the cause. I only say this from when I dissected the buttons to our windows and noticed that it was a tear in the rubber like boot that caused the window failure; which could be fixed by repairing the rubber break or making a little molded piece out of silicone.
(or how Raj figured out the o-rings to the vanos)

I will open up my failing pump once I get my replacement but for the record my expertise is not really down the mechanical alley. I enjoy it for the tinkering and learning and sharing of information.

So has anyone opened up a failing/failed pump to identify the "root" problem?
First of all, that is a pretty email box you are thinking outside of, if you are just now thinking that it may be the brushes in the motor, or maybe some small part in the pumping mechanism.
The point is that most people do not care enough to tear the fuel pump apart, let alone put it back together, drop it in the tank, and sit there in a cold sweat, wondering if they may have missed that little detail that allows electricity and gasoline work together in a way that prevents then from exploding when power is applied. Especially, just to save $120.
But, please feel free to try for yourself. Someone, please send this man a failed fuel pump.
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