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Thanks for all the informative replies, much appreciated. If you don't ask you will never know or learn.

Eliott's-BMW--so if you were to replace the entire dc motor, based on what you observed in taking it apart; do you feel it would be safe to use with no parts compromised as stated by Stinger9 if you found a replaceable dc motor(obviously factoring in new cost of total replacement pump vs cost of replacement dc motor)?

Excellent points Stinger9.

JFOJ excellent points as well. The $5 was a reference of a dollar amount...if the dc motor cost $30 or xx dollars cheaper than $120/and is replaceable based on Eliott's hands on tinkering then it may be worth the effort.

MJLavelle I actually learned about the brushes etc from reading JFOJ's thread and was gathering as much information as I could about the failure/fix before jumping in. I agree I don't want to jeopardize anything dealing with fuel etc.
But I do like to think the world evolved from crazy ideas that worked and did not work/trial/error/failure/success..light bulbs, splitting of the atom...all crazy until they worked for better or worse.

I am waiting on my new fuel pump to be delivered.

Edited--pump just arrived after posting here. Kudos to BMA(and probably a glitch with Brown delivering it). I ordered it yesterday for Ground service from CA to FL., got it overnight. The label is ground so I got lucky. I was a Manager in the overnight delivery business for over 10 years so I know how the system works with ground...still nice to get it when I wasn't expecting it until next week.

So, another question; should I install the pump now or should I wait and do both fuel filter and pump together? I have never replaced my fuel filter so I don't know how clogged it is; I don't have access to my jacks(in my POD storage). I am thinking it will be fine to replace pump now and get the filter changed next week. Thoughts?

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