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Originally Posted by love2drive330CI View Post
Thanks for all the informative replies, much appreciated. If you don't ask you will never know or learn.

Eliott's-BMW--so if you were to replace the entire dc motor, based on what you observed in taking it apart; do you feel it would be safe to use with no parts compromised as stated by Stinger9 if you found a replaceable dc motor(obviously factoring in new cost of total replacement pump vs cost of replacement dc motor)?

So, another question; should I install the pump now or should I wait and do both fuel filter and pump together? I have never replaced my fuel filter so I don't know how clogged it is; I don't have access to my jacks(in my POD storage). I am thinking it will be fine to replace pump now and get the filter changed next week. Thoughts?
Yes it would be safe (as long as you replace with a new dc motor), and it would only take 10-15 mins to replace the dc motor from the fuel pump assembly. I'd do it if the new dc motor would cost $50 or less.

Also you don't have to do the fuel pump and fuel filter together but it would be wise to replace fuel filter in the near future.
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