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Originally Posted by love2drive330CI View Post
MJLavelle I actually learned about the brushes etc from reading JFOJ's thread and was gathering as much information as I could about the failure/fix before jumping in. I agree I don't want to jeopardize anything dealing with fuel etc.
But I do like to think the world evolved from crazy ideas that worked and did not work/trial/error/failure/success..light bulbs, splitting of the atom...all crazy until they worked for better or worse.
I will say that I could have made my point a little more politely. That has been an issue of mine lately, for numerous reasons.
Also, it is hard to tell if someone posts something like this with an attitude of "you people are idiots for paying so much, and I am going to prove you all wrong", because we get quite a few of those. The best example that comes to mind is the guy who felt that he could get 600+ HP from his 323i with a turbo kit, and his magnificent coding skills. Of course, he had not yet taken the time to even look at the code, or even learn what code language was used, but he had already determined that everyone else was doing it wrong, and he was going to teach us a lesson.
I have no problem with trying things, and I certainly don't have a problem with someone learning more about how things work. I even support some experimentation on our cars, although there are others who act like you are sodomizing their mother for doing so. In fact, I have a few things I am working on, but only in the gathering information and parts sense.
But, I do have an issue with messing around with potentially catastrophic things, such as experimenting with fuel pumps. Especially if you are still at the "learning about motors and brushes" stage. So, in my own fvcked up way, I was trying to discourage you. I also wondered about a fix for the fuel pump, but only in the sense of replacing the motor, and I went as far as looking up the specs on my old one, and looking online to see how much a replacement motor would cost. The truth is, based on the cost of the motor, we are getting the rest of the pump assembly pretty damn cheap. The motors I found were about 80% of the cost of a new pump. But I never considered opening a sealed motor to change the brushes, due to the whole electricity and gas thing. I also realized that replacing the motor would not change the fact that the pump parts would still be quite old, and prone to failure, if they were not already screwed up. That is where my fuel pump solutions ended.
So, keep learning, and keep wondering, and maybe experiment a little. Just don't fvck around with electricity and gas.
Sorry for the somewhat aggressive, and a$$hole-like response. (I'm not prepared to label myself as a complete a$$hole yet!)
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