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Hey Jake,

when I first changed from stock to OSGiken diff, I felt it had changed my car substantially. I used to go always sideways (towards the left side) on every pull and that was on ST2 p+m so I HIGHLY feel it improved the car.
The second major change that helped the car quite a bit for highway pulls was to open up the diff again and move to 3.91. The car feels like it's in the power all the time I feel like driving a bit spirited ... the only down side to it it that you have have to change to 5th for 60-130 pulls, at least for me...

Pulled the trigger! Built engine + 6766 Dual BB + Open Dump + 15/23 PSI - Holy F#@$ this build is insane!

HPF Stage 2.5 - 739rwhp & 581ft-lbs SAE
best 1/4 mile (ST2) 11.77'@123mph 1.9' R/T on Toyo R888 295/30/19
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S - stock

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