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I have a 325i lowered and im running 19's- My rear is a 9.5" rim and my front is a 9- I run 265's on the back- Youll need to roll your fenders if you have people in the back often or if you hit a lot of pot holes--- before i rolled and lowered my car i rarely rubbed- I never saw any problems- I think my setup is a 265 25 19- and in the front its a 235 30 19-- not sure tho- check some wheel size calculators online so you can find th right profile so your speedo reads accurate-

I ran Generals exlaim UHP's a few years back- not a bad tire and handled the stagger well- I'm now running hankook ventus v-12 and love them-- my buddy has them on his v10 m5 and he hasnt had an issue- my thoughts...If he can run them with 500hp i think my 325 with 215-220hp will be fine haha
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