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No problem MJLavelle; I am at the age/stage of life I take it with a grain of salt..let the salt melt before I decide my next move...20 years ago...different story. I figured you meant well and you didn't want me screw up anything acting stupid.

I just got back in from installing pump and some other things. I could hear the pump loud and clear when I tested it prior to putting everything back together.

I would have liked to install both fuel filter and pump together.

Now since I have installed the pump; I am not totally convinced I fixed my issue completely as I am still experiencing the dips of rpm/like a misfire. Normally my vehicle would idle around 700rpm but I still got the drop down to 6-500rpm range then it would idle back to 700. So I am curious to see if the fuel filter will change anything. I do believe I am not experiencing as much idle/stall/rpm dip but it is too early to tell. I am currently at 1/2 tank so I will let it go down below 1/4 to see if the pump did more. Like I stated I have other issues with my baby so with everything going on in my life I have to prioritize what I can do at this point and nick away at the big iceberg of issues. I will go back and recheck the basics again.

Stinger9-thanks for the reminder tips.
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