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Originally Posted by Herbalicious View Post
Most of what you state is incorrect. The insurance is going send an adjuster to give an estimate, the check they give you is based on that estimate alone!
You roll the dice in this situation...and here is why...
If you take your car to the repair shop and let them handle everything and they find additional damage that the adjuster missed they can file for a supplement for the additional damage.

If you decide you want to try to make a few $$$ and get a check cut to you so that "you can everything on your own" if there is an additional issue with the car they will not be willing to help you out since you are not a registered repair shop.

I know this because I worked for an insurance company as an adjuster for 8 years!
Maybe it depends on the state, I'll grant that, but what I stated is correct, and I have done it three times. What you brought into the conversation is an additional variable, filing a supplemental for additional damage. Again that is also something that you can work with the autobody shop with and do the leg work yourself, filing the supplemental and getting it covered based on evidence the body shop brings forward. In this state the body shops do a lot of the leg work for the adjusters. If things get expensive you're probably going to be contacted by an adjuster that may want you to take it to someone else. Rarely do they want to come and see it, but who cares if they do... providing it's legitimate.

Accidents happen so frequently in the bigger cities like Seattle that the adjusters just call you for 5 minutes on the phone and tell you to go visit a couple of autobody shops and fax them the quotes. Maybe it happens differently in other states but I can't imagine how it's that much different given the amount of work a single adjuster needs to get done in a day.

Bottom line - you are entitled to the check for the repairs. You can work with the adjuster and the repair shop to determine the value of the repair. If there are extenuating circumstances, submit an extension and have the shop explain the issue. At the end of it you can also take the money, buy all the tools, paint, and parts, and do all the work yourself including the full bumper kit. Doing exactly this I purchased the full body kit, (got hit in the front) a 60 Gal, 18 CFM, 240V air pump, the air hose an Iwatta LPH400-LV (top end paint gun) a lifetime supply of sandpaper and a Dynabrade 3/32" orbital disk sander, along with PPG paint, thinner, cleaner, clearcote and catalyst for way less expensive then the repair was going to cost.

This is not inaccurate information but maybe by the state that it occurs in things happens differently.

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