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Originally Posted by broey v View Post
wtf? keep that political shite out of here.

I don't think the proportion of people who think being fat is due to genetics is statistically different in religious parts of the country compared to others.... I'm open to refuting evidence though.

secondly - CHOICE is oversimplified by the left... they either don't understand "SUBCONSCIOUS choice" or they CONSCIOUSLY decide to over-simplify definitions to make their point. either way is a straw-man argument.
the correct answer would have been "lol"

"haha" or "" is also acceptable

Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
I don't get it
you must already be drunk
Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
I'm having a hard time imagining any set of responses that ends with anyone expressing admiration for Marshmallow.

Perhaps you should stop responding. It's a no-win for you here. :dunno:
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