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Originally Posted by MaverickM3 View Post
I've enjoyed mine thus far. The only thing you might want to think about getting done before install is have OSG tighten up the gears inside. The stock OSG diff is set run for cars with I think it's either 700hp or 800hp and down. You might think it won't effect you but it might. What happens is when go to press the gas when you stomp or press ing the gas with moderate pressure after the car is coasting for a few seconds. It feels like something bumps the back of the car. The gears just have a little play in them. Just need to be tighten. Easier to do before you put it in. Ask me how I know.
So the pinion depth was off? I'm confused by this statement, horsepower has little to do with the tolerances of a diff. Maybe I'm wrong here. What did the manufacture say they did? Or claim to do to fix the issue? Someone please learn me on this.

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