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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
You didn't inquire what the issue was? I don't really have enough information to make a phone on your behalf. I wonder what they change to allow it to handle 900hp+
It sounds like only a minor adjsutment. As it sits the OSG canhandle HUGE amounts of power. I will find out just what the limit is. Beyond what any of us have I am sure.

- Lock progression timing can be adjusted by using stiffer / weaker pressure ring springs.

This is what Maverick is talking about. Evidently MINOR changes can be made simply by tightening some things up. My installers did this. I just asked them.

Lock progression is how fast the lock up comes. On some of our builds, the sheer POWER and torque may cause the OSG LSD lock up to come a little too FAST in the set up OUT OF THE BOX, which will result in a noise(clunk) and maybe a shudder, especially if you have solid mounting of your sub frame or the stiff AKG BLACK polys for bushings. Not to worry. There are ALL sorts of ways to set up the OSG super lock up specifically to your build.

It is a simple matter to send a dyno sheet to OSG and tell them how well your tires grip. I would give them the compound, size much info as you can to aid them. In turn they will set their LSD to optimum lock up SPEED so you dont get any clunk or shudder by having a too fast/too loose a set up. I dont think anything radical needs to be done. Only minor tweaking.

I urge you to read their website. I dont think they fabricate their testimonials.

BTW, I posted a similar inquiry thread (a while back)when I was considering spending the sizable fee to buy their Super Lock Up LSD. I bought it in VERY good faith after extensive research and listening to owners' feedback.

try these links:

I felt that the OSG website was far more than a sales pitch. I found it full of explanations to questions I had not even thought to ask. I carefully read every single testimonial as well. Very interesting reading. It is an awesome website. Take your time. There is a LOT of information.

And yes. The OSG is designed to help a lot at the drag strip, HPDE and on the street too!

I emailed OSG with a link to this thread so they can address ALL the concerns very accurately. I have spoken to them many times. I never felt at any time they were blowing smoke. So, give it a few days and I will post their replies.

BTW, yes, I have felt at sometimes a few OTHER manufactures of aftermarket BMW performance products were not 100% forth coming. Rare. Most companies are just plain good at what they make and are honest with their replies. I will give you a copy and paste reply from OSG, so you can make up your own minds.

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