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Originally Posted by MaverickM3 View Post
First let me say there is nothing wrong with the Stock OSG diff. It's just not set from the factory(OSG) to handle 900+ hp. It absolutely can handle the power though! I love mine. Period. Call and ask them about it(OSG).

:Edit: Will draw picture later showing what I'm talking about. To hard to try and describe thus fully at 8:30 in the morning. Lol
Originally Posted by dragosid View Post
Hey Jake,

when I first changed from stock to OSGiken diff, I felt it had changed my car substantially. I used to go always sideways (towards the left side) on every pull and that was on ST2 p+m so I HIGHLY feel it improved the car.
The second major change that helped the car quite a bit for highway pulls was to open up the diff again and move to 3.91. The car feels like it's in the power all the time I feel like driving a bit spirited ... the only down side to it it that you have have to change to 5th for 60-130 pulls, at least for me...
Thanks for this. So, my stage 2.5 makes 750whp and almost never goes sideways, just straight spin. I am running 305 DR's and have full traction in 3rd usually, but limited in 2nd. Mspired, seemed to indicate that he had full traction in 2nd. What I'm trying to get a view on is if anyone can comment on specifically improving traction in 2nd. If I can obtain significant improvement in 2nd gear traction then probably worth it to me, otherwise going to probably pass. Any thoughts appreciated.
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