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Very well said Bdave. +1

The Vorsteiner hood would be a good place to start; it makes sense to try and improve it.

Is there a way to improve cold air flow to the air filter perhaps by repositioning the vents? A way that doesn't involve a ram air, positive pressure type design?

Is there a way to design the vents so that the engine bay does not get wet when driving "slowly" in rain? Perhaps even a build in a type of shutter that can be opened or closed?

For a non-vented hood: The image posted by pilot1ner in this post:
is awesome and perhaps would be another good starting point IMO.

Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Well, one way to find out would be to take a poll. While you are at it, maybe Google "Vorsteiner GTR Hood WANTED". I believe you will find more WTB than WTS.

It may not be the bold move you had envisioned. I do believe it is a financially SAFE move. You can always try a second design at some point.

The hood you have shown us looks just fine ...on an American Muscle car. It just does not have any Euro look to it what so ever...IMO.
I would buy a Vorsteiner copy with all the improvements you suggest. The DESIGN features sound awesome. That will be a great marketing point.

Maybe do the same thing. All carbon and also offer a cheaper Fiberglass with only the vents in carbon. I would buy the fiberglass hood with CF vents.

Try a poll everywhere you are a sponsor.

And yes, most definitely, bring back the optional rain covers for the vents! For some reason I think the Vorsteiner covers were not well designed or something. otherwise they would not have been discontinued so fast.

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