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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
I too brought up the idea of built in shutters. It was shot down as being over engineered. I dont care. I still like that idea a lot. Good to see someone else does too.

I dont see light rain as being an issue. Even moderate rain when the engine is operating and hot. The water will simply evaporate. It is standing rain and debris from the trees while the car is parked that I would be much more concerned about. In Florida we get huge amounts of blossoms and pollen from the coconut palm trees. My car parking space is directly under one. Car covers are way too much a bother on a daily basis. I tried that. No, vent covers or shutters are best.

Not everyone needs one. The Vortseiner covers were extremely rare. Most people some how managed with no covers at all. I would not buy a heavily vented hood unless I had a way of blocking it off when needed.

I think the air flow the way it sits (the Vorstiener) is excellent. I honestly cant see how it could be improved. I think it removes massive amounts of heat. Can any owners comment first hand?
The vorsteiners were copied off of something functional, so at least part of the right stuff is there. Whether those Vorsteiner/GTR vents without the radiator ducts that normally connect to them does anything significant is beyond my knowledge.

I can say sitting still, an Asuka M3 hood will have heat coming out of the vents, but I can't say anything about what goes on when the car is moving.

Speaking of which, the Asuka hood looks just like the HPF hood. Maybe HPF will rebrand these like the rest of their products and spin them off as their own.

Asuka Hood:

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