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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
The vorsteiners were copied off of something functional, so at least part of the right stuff is there. Whether those Vorsteiner/GTR vents without the radiator ducts that normally connect to them does anything significant is beyond my knowledge.

I can say sitting still, an Asuka M3 hood will have heat coming out of the vents, but I can't say anything about what goes on when the car is moving.

Speaking of which, the Asuka hood looks just like the HPF hood. Maybe HPF will rebrand these like the rest of their products and spin them off as their own.

Asuka Hood:
Thank you so much for your reply. And for your comparison of the HPF hood to the Asuka. You made me realize I had the perspective of the HPF hood reversed in my mind. For some reason I thought it was a BULGE in the center. it is not. its a depression. SO I take back what I said about it looking like a Mustang muscle car hood. Not really. It is not near as bad as I thought.

But it is still a no go. Plus it is as you point out not all that origional. Either do a really close copy or something really different. Or best yet...eventually have two different models

The GTR hood is just a classic. And what do classics do? They never go out of style and they always SELL.

I think HPF should re produce a classic and later on introduce something a little edgier that Chris may like. Something that may brand HPF as a certain look. I think that is something he is looking to do. He will need to establish the product as a super quality unit as planned.

And I think he needs to raise the bar as far as offering a unique 'look" in a
new hood design. But start out with a sure thing. A classic. Does this make any sense to anyone?
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