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Originally Posted by accolade View Post
I must have no been paying attention to the forum when this thread was made. This is a very unconventional way of making it. The au poivre is meant to be a quick pan sauce.

I make mine much different...

I use whole peppercorns that are flash ground in the spice grinder, leaving the grind very course. The cracked pepper is pressed into the meat. Then I sear the steaks in a hot cast iron pan, transfer to a baking sheet and either finish in the oven or return to the pan once the base of the sauce is made. At this point you can do a quick sautee on some shallot, onion, I've even tossed in button or sliced mushrooms. Add cognac to the pan, where it will flame and use it to deglaze the pan (the good stuff is stuck to the pan), add the cream and let it cook. You can return the steaks to the pan and pan baste them to finish cooking, this will really infuse the flavors into the meat.

Russo, I've acutally never heard of the au poivre cooking that long. Any place I've seen it made at does it the quick way.
Wait.. So if i am to understand this correctly the steak is returned to the pan after the oven simply to infuse the Au Poivre sauce for a very short time correct?
1. Sear steak in pan
2. Move steak to oven
3. Flámbé cognac and add the remaining elements of the Au poivre to pan
4. Finish steak breifly in pan containing Au Poivre

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