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Originally Posted by FragNasty View Post
Very well said Bdave. +1

The Vorsteiner hood would be a good place to start; it makes sense to try and improve it.

Is there a way to improve cold air flow to the air filter perhaps by repositioning the vents? A way that doesn't involve a ram air, positive pressure type design?

Is there a way to design the vents so that the engine bay does not get wet when driving "slowly" in rain? Perhaps even a build in a type of shutter that can be opened or closed?

For a non-vented hood: The image posted by pilot1ner in this post:
is awesome and perhaps would be another good starting point IMO.
Thanks for the feedback you guys. The biggest problem I see is there are already so many variations you guys are talking about. There really is no consistency in support for looks. Many like the Asuka style which is what the drawing on page 1 is modelled after. Many also like the Vorsteiner GTR style hood. And many like an OEM hood with no change other than make it in carbon fiber. We can design it any way you want and the feedback I get is often so agressive and angry. It's unfortunate. Here's an opportunity for people to help create a hood that is unique or based on something that already exists. Let's be positive and help come up with a design many of you will want on your car.

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