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Originally Posted by steve108819 View Post
Kind of a bold statement. I hope your parts know their expected lifespans and your replacement routine. God forbid something decides to let go early and leave you stranded.
He is confident because he has reached "The Age of Getting Things Done". He knows if his car overheats in the middle of the open desert, it will do so right in front of the only store for miles around. Then, all he needs is a liter of water, which he takes a few swigs from first, and then pours the rest into a bone dry radiator. Then, without bothering to look for a reason why he has lost 2 gallons of water, he continues on through the miles of open desert, so he can get home in time to say "Honey, guess what is in my pocket?"

**For those of you not in America, or if you are one of those snooty fvcking Americans who say "I don't even own a TV" (lying fvcking communists), this will make no sense at all.
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