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Chris, you say there is no consistency. Of course there isnt. But there may be a majority or a significant figure. It is hard to base desire on posts alone. It is always possible that there is a silent majority out there that is reluctant to post but may be more likely to press on a poll number. Try and narrow the publics's desires to TWO designs.

You have nothing to loose by holding a poll. You are certainly not bound by the results. It does not cost you a penny. You may have everything to gain depending on the results.

I still think my idea holds weight. Do a SAFE build of something with a KNOWN world wide fan base: the Vorstiiener GTR!! At the same time, or eventually, come out with a second design. Sure, there is tooling and set up costs...

But is offering two different designs totally out of the question? You pretty much may be forced into it. There are many of us that simply will NOT BUY a design they dont like, no matter what. So, give the people what they REALLY want...a choice.
GTR based AND a Asuka based design? This is precisely why cars come in different colors and model trim etc.

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