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MJ, LOL you watch too much TV.

My 13 year old son is always busting on me telling me I need to see the doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours and that I might have low "T". He is also very intrigued with the Bosley commercials and thinks if I got Just For Men and visited Bosley I would look young like him!!

Oh what it must be like to be young and not know what the future holds for you!!

Anyway, Ryannel your family may think what you did was a waste of money, but it was not. You proactively eliminated one of the main no start, leave you stranded problems of most cars. Although you have a 2000, which may have longer fuel pump lifespan than 2001 and newer, you would have suffered problems at some point.

If you DIY and purchased your pump from BMA, in my opinion it was money well spent. You likely did save yourself a few hundred in the long run and will not likely be inconvenienced.

If you had not replaced the pump, read my thread and your wife would have been stranded in the car next week, you would have felt very different. If that would have happened and you would have been foolish enough to mentions, "honey, I just read about that last week and was thinking I should replace the fuel pump", your backside and ego would need some healing!!

I spent $250 on parts for my daughters VW 1.8t timing belt, belt tensioner, water pump, serpentine belt & tensioner. Timing belts will fail, the question is when. I could spend $250 and be proactive with these parts, or wait until it fails and costs be $2500+ to pull the head, replace up to 20 valves and have all the down time, then I would still be spending the $250 on parts I am replacing now. I would have to do a whole lot more work, spend a whole lot more time and have the car out of service for more than part of an afternoon.

I mentioned to my daughter that I should consider changing the timing belt due to the potential catastrophic problem that could occur and she has been hounding me to get the job done. Well parts will be here Tues and the job will get finished this week sometime.

The wife, my daughter and I will all be happy we spent $250 and this issue is off the table for another 60-75k miles!

Just spent $300 on my 2005 GMC replacing radiator, thermostat and all hoses. Maybe should have put a water pump on, however, they hold up well on these models. The radiator was starting to seep in a few locations and this is really my daily driver. So I did not want to be left stranded and in a pinch, so I knock the job out in part of an afternoon.

Prefer things to happen on MY schedule, not the CARS schedule as the CAR never allows me to plan!
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