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Originally Posted by JakeR View Post
Thanks for this. So, my stage 2.5 makes 750whp and almost never goes sideways, just straight spin. I am running 305 DR's and have full traction in 3rd usually, but limited in 2nd. Mspired, seemed to indicate that he had full traction in 2nd. What I'm trying to get a view on is if anyone can comment on specifically improving traction in 2nd. If I can obtain significant improvement in 2nd gear traction then probably worth it to me, otherwise going to probably pass. Any thoughts appreciated.
Mspired has the old turbo, with the older turbo i easily made traction in second with the MT's which I believe he has and is referring to when he talks about traction, correct me if im wrong. however with the new 67 and the way the power comes on its alot different. I have had both turbos, and ran with my MT's on each, made traction in second on old turbo, not so well on new turbo. Now my clutch is toast and im in the process of refreshing it, I had a little over 30k miles on my clutch.
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