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Originally Posted by cobyK View Post

here's the plastic "o rings". the e46 shrouds come with clips on the inside that theoretically should mount to something but they don't so you hould break them off...

hope this helps!....
Thanks for the recommendation. I do however believe the rounded edges should face into the shroud

If anyone wants to take this a step further---

The black plastic o-ring (at least mine - may not be the same for every ring) attaches to my projector more snug when applied with round edges of the o-ring facing away from projector. Therefor if you pull out your dremel tool and file away those 3 pointed triangles on each shroud in addition to shaving away some parts of the o-ring than the ring will fit perfectly into the shroud (round edge facing shroud). Glue the o-ring onto the shroud and than the shroud will fit very snug over the projector without the need of glue or silicone. Just an idea. Worked great for me and will allow me to disassemble the projectors etc in the future without any permanent glue or silicone in the way


Post #461 looks like a brilliant idea.... i think this is the best way and by sure the easiest... i'd definitely try that way first before you entertain my way. However, i did modify my oring the way he did (but my way you need to shave off the sides on both top and bottom b/c the oring will fall further down into the shroud when you remove the tabs and triangles)

BUT no matter which you choose the o ring rounded side should face into the shroud not away from it. So when your looking down into the shroud you dont want to see the rounded edges.

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