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Originally Posted by TKC View Post
Hi FI forum! I'm glad to finally join in. I just finished the install of a VFE V3 Supercharger on my 2001 330cic.
The install wasn't bad, but there were a few parts that were a PITA.
The instructions got the job done, but they were far from good, missed a lot of things that I just had to figure out, pictures weren't good, custom things I had to do that weren't mentioned, and more. For something so expensive, that's pretty terrible, especially since it's so easy for the company to fix, but they just don't take the time to provide that service to their customer.

Dealing with VFE was ok. They were very nice & helpful because I had to swap some parts. Sending & receiving the ecu was easy & they were kind enough to call me prior to sending back to discuss how my engine mods would/wouldn't work with the kit. The only down side is that I emailed them a couple times a week ago, having the car complete & ready to go except I needed to swap the pulley from one sized for an automatic to a manual. I still haven't gotten a reply. That was frustrating as I was anxious to drive the car.

The instructions don't mention anything about how the oem headlight ballast gets in the way. I used to have the m3 mount so my dinan cai fit. It was in the way, so I put it back in the stock location, only to find out that didn't fit either. I ended up putting it back where the m3 mount went, but had to do some custom work to make it fit.

Questions and issues:

- even with the power steering resivior relocation bracket, it didn't really fit. It's so tightly fit the corner is scratching the hell out of the intake manifold, so I dremeled the corner down a bit. It still sits too tall and touches my cf hood.

- the power steering resivior completely covers any access to the supercharger oil dipstick.

Is there a solution to both of those issues?

I also blew the valve cover gasket already, so that has to be replaced. Is there any FI tips when replacing it to strengthen things to accommodate the sc?

Thanks everyone!
In my mind. If you blew your valve cover gasket.....something is wrong.

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