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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
So why are you bumping?

What else have you done to resolve your issue?

What other testing have you performed?

Have you had a chance to compare another car?

You will need to study the wiring diagrams, make sure you have proper power and grounds to the DME. You than may need to disconnect the cam and crank sensors then measure the reference at the DME connector.

You may then need to disconnect the DME connector when the sensors are unplugged and measure the resistance between connections and to ground to see if the harness is pinched somewhere?

Then you may need to remove the pin(s) for the reference from the DME connection and then measure the reference to see if the DME can actually put out the reference.

You may also need to check to see if have had water in the DME box and any corrosion.

Otherwise put a new DME in the car and hope is solves your problem??

Ok, so I tested the relay tonight and the volts coming off the B+ distributor was 12.3V with ignition off. I also tested the pedal assembly tonight and the reference voltage going to that was 4.998 which the spaghetti decoder site said was the absolutely required volts for proper gas pedal operation. I was afraid to disconnect the 60001 connector with the ignition was on in case it would do harm to the DME.

With the shape of the connectors, I'm a little confused on how to measure the imput voltage to the actual DME while the engine is running. Anyone got a trick to checking that?

I'll try to look at the continuity of the wires from the DME to the sensors tonight, but since they are ALL showing 2.73V exactly, and the pedal was showing almost exactly 5V, I'm still thinking my DME is FUBAR.

On another yet possibly related note, I took my 325 in for an alignment on Friday. Anyway, after the alignment, they had me sign the usual documents, and in one packet was the service history. I asked for a copy, but the service tech said BMW didn't allow that. Anyway, I saw on there that in 2005, this car had the exhaust CPS replaced.

What are the odds that an exhaust CPS would need to be replaced twice in the first 50k due to just sensor failure???

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