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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
Instruction manual will have a security code on it, box will have a "+" on it. If it came from us it is a plus unit, if it came from somebody else....

Possible, but one guy does not make a pattern.... but it does looks like im going to be buying an adapter to test sooner than later....

My experience as a LONG time iphone owner is that accesory connectivity issues are common and are usually fixed with a reboot. So before things get complicated its important to rule out the simple stuff first.

EDIT: iphone5 with lighting adapter worked fine in my testing. See post #34 below.

True for some....but others want to control it from the screen....and also iOS6 seems to have screwed up the bluetooth track control buttons, not the end of the world be those were a nice feature, hopefully that gets straightened out in the next iOS update.

Thanks @JeffB325,

I have the D99 non plus but that's ok.
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